Wound Treatment

Wound Treatment

In contrast to the honey of the bee known to us, the honey of the stingless bee has additional healing properties, which are particularly useful in treating wounds.

Due to the fact that the honey of the stingless bees is stored in resin vessels (a kind of pots – in contrast to the wax comb of our honey bee) with a lot of propolis and resinous substances.

Many healing substances are transferred from these pots to the liquid honey of the Meliponini.
Before treatment with honey, the wound must of course be cleaned.

This is done with hydrogen peroxide H2O2, which can be found in every hospital in developing countries.

Instead of the high-quality, expensive ointments and wound dressings that are used in thenorthern hemisphere, 


the honey of stingless bees is simply applied to the wound, thus Promotion wound healing and preventing wound infection.

For this, we refer to a linked 
ARTICLE››› which goes into the individual pharmacological details