Widow Project

Widow Project

In the poor and rural regions of Tanzania, widows mostly have no social security.

They depend solely on the support of their families, but they are often destitute.

By learning beekeeping, these widows are given the opportunity to earn an additional income by selling honey and bee wax.

The „Widow Bee Project“ started with three widows aged 30-40 who had two and four children respectively and whose husbands had died mainly in traffic accidents, mainly moped accidents.

These, now seven widows, did not have any finacial support from their families.

Training in beekeeping and start-up financing were made possible through our project in 2017, so that they could start beekeeping and selling their honey.  

By 2022, the number of beekeepers had already grown to seven, so it was decided to set up a cooperative and set up a bank account that the widows would manage alone.

In 2022 the MIKINDANI widow honey cooperative was officially founded.